My personal life path and my professional work have both been moving between North and South. Grown up in northern Germany, my interest in arts and crafts, in particular goldsmith work, led me to Italy where I completed my vocational training in Rome and Naples.
In my jewellery I seek to combine the clear and timeless design language of the North with the traditional crafts work, high material quality and decorative forms of ancient Italy.

For the creation of my jewellery I am using exclusively high quality materials, such as 18k yellow-gold, specially selected corals, natural gemstones and beads. The traces from forging remain intentionally visible on the workpiece. Each piece isunique. It can be combined with any other piece of the collection. My jewellery is characterized by individuality, subtle lightness and satin-matt patina. It does not seek to impose itself, but underlines the personality of the respective jewellery wearer.